How To Express Than In Thai

To contrast things or with make a correlation in Thai, you can utilize the Thai combination gwaa.

To utilize the Thai conjunctin gwaa, you want to put

it just after a Thai modifier. Here are

a few straightforward guides to represent

the appropriate use of gwaa (than).

Utilizing gwaa to nangs delivery brisbane “than” in Thai

Kreuung receptacle reo gwaa decay.

A plane is quicker than a vehicle.

Krai gae gwaa, Hiros reuu Seira?

Who is more seasoned, Hiros or Seira?

Hiros gae gwaa Seira.

Hiros is more seasoned than Seira.

How about we check out at the first model first.

Kreuung receptacle implies plane. The

Thai word kreuung itself implies machine

or then again mechanical assembly and receptacle implies fly.

In a real sense interpreted it would be “flying machine”

which is really a plane. :- )

Reo implies quick. By setting the Thai combination

gwaa just after it you will get “reo gwaa” and that implies

“quicker than”. Decay implies vehicle in Thai.

Did you had any idea about that reo implies

“pick up the pace” in Thai? In Thai, certain descriptors

whenever rehashed two times will have almost something similar

however, unique significance. For instance, jing (truly?)

in reality came from the word jing which means valid.

In the second model, the Thai descriptive word gae

implies old and the Thai combination reuu implies or.

More models on gwaa (than)

A nai dee gwaa?

Which one is better?

Anne dee gwaa.

This one is better.

Wan nee dee gwaa proong nee.

Today is superior to tomorrow.

Decay kong kao wing reo gwaa decay kong pom.

His vehicle is quicker than mine.

Kao rong pleng dee gwaa pom.

She sings better compared to me.

In the first model, a nai implies which one

furthermore, dee basically implies great in Thai.

In the third model, there’s another Thai

thing, proong nee means tomorrow. The

thing proong itself implies tomorrow so

in a real sense interpreted it would imply “this tomorrow”

which is tomorrow in any case. :- )

In the fourth model, the Thai action word wing implies

run. We should take a little diversion and recap

what we had quite recently learned in past examples, will we? :- )

How would you say “You ought to run!” in Thai?

Koon kuan wing!

It would be ideal for you to run!

Do you actually recollect the Thai words kuan (ought to)

furthermore, dtong (must)? Presently, take a stab at saying “I should run!”

utilizing dtong.

Pom ja dtong wing!

I should run!

Alright, presently back to… where was I once more?

Ok indeed, the Thai combination gwaa…

The following are two all the more longer models for you:

Longer models utilizing gwaa (than)

Nang seu lehm nee sohn jai gwaa nang seu lem nan.

This book is more fascinating than that one.

Palang kong pom kheng rang gwaa palang kong kao.

My power is more grounded that his.

In the first model, nang seu implies book and

sohn jai implies intriguing. Lehm is as a matter of fact

a Thai classifier for books. So

nang seu lehm nee really signifies “This book”.

Likewise, to say “I have perused this book” in Thai, you would

say “Pom aan nang seu lehm nee laew khrap”.

Aan is “to peruse” by they way.

In the second model, you will see the cool Thai

word palang, and that signifies “the Force”. Kehng rang

implies solid in Thai.

Alright, last model utilizing gwaa…

Before I wrap this example up, we should recap

also, support what we had recently realized by making

a wonderful Thai sentence…

Take a stab at communicating “No one is more excellent than you”

in Thai. :- ) You can utilize the Thai word mai mee krai

and that implies no one and suay ngaam meaning excellent.

Mai mee krai suay ngaam gwaa koon.

No one is more excellent than you.

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